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You Are

Speaking God's Word Over Your Children

You Are is designed to speak life over the youngest generation. Each page includes a loving term of endearment, an encouraging spiritual affirmation, and a verse from Scripture to help imprint the Lord's promises and truths on their hearts. You Are will teach your kids that they are cherished by you and by their heavenly Father


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A Book of Bedtime Promises

Claim a peaceful night’s sleep for your child by speaking God’s promises of protection and rest over them. Read these loving affirmations and encouraging Scriptures as you tuck your little one into bed. Charming illustrations of baby animals and their parents bring a calming atmosphere and prepare your child for sleep. This is the second book in the Generation Claimed series.



Claiming Your Kingdom Purpose

Coming November 2020. The 3rd book in the Generation Claimed series.  Before you were born, God set you apart. You have a purpose specifically planned for you by God Himself. Our children have been called according to God’s intentions, chosen and created to change this world. (Ephesians 1:11-12).

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