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Want Emily to Come Speak?

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"Emily was inspirational and gave practical advice/steps to take home and put into action."


Event Attendee

"Emily has an infectious personality, which made her so personable for our audience. Her dynamic speaking touched many lives!"


Able Moms Event Manager

"Emily was down to earth honest and relatable. She taught and encouraged us how to be better.


Mom Group Member

Where's the Beef?
Keep the funny. Toss the fluff. Leave with practical tools and actionable steps.

When you invite me to speak, you can expect:

  1. Everything I teach is straight from the Bible: I don't teach my opinions or ideas I came up with.

  2. I'm real and relatable: this means I'm sharing funny and true stories from my own life. I know what you're going through, cuz I've been there too.

  3. You will walk away with tools that you can put into practice: You won't leave just feeling good. I will send you home with practical tips and tools that you can use to start implementing things that SAME DAY!

My Most Requested Topics

Speaking the Word of God

For all ages

The Word of God is the most powerful thing we can speak. Why is it so important? And how can we easily implement it into our real life, daily walk.

One "Yes, God" at a Time

High School age and up

I share my story of how I went from Food Stamps to Best Selling Author, and how God can move you into His best for your life, one "Yes, God" at a time.

Anger Mom-agement


We all have frustrating days, but what happens when anger begins to creep into your every day and take over your actions?  Teaching directly from the Word of God and sharing my personal story, I provide practical advice and a game plan for overcoming this area of your mom life.


All Ages

Before you were born, you were set apart and chosen for a plan that is better than anything this world can offer. In the midst of diapers and homework, what does that mean for you and your children?

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