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Podcasts & Interviews


Anger Addiction

We all have frustrating days, but what happens when anger begins to creep into your everyday and take over your actions? Teaching directly from the Word of God and sharing some personal experience as well, Emily gives practical advice and a game plan for overcoming in this area.

Handout with Verses
Teaching and Book Reading

Emily delivers a short message to local children about the importance of words followed by a reading of our book "You Are."

Puppet Show and Book Reading

With the help of her children, Emily reads and her children put on a puppet show for the book "You Are" live.

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The Bible for Kids Podcast

Amy and Mike talk with author Emily Assell about her series of board books for kids

Chosen Book Launch Interview

In this Writing for Your Life interview children's book author Emily Assell discusses her new book being published by Tyndale House.

The Better Mom: Chosen Children

Each of our children is a gift, yet sometimes in the middle of all the crazy we can lose sight of that simple truth.

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The Old School-house Magazine

You Are and Tonight book review from this family education magazine.

Bahorich Abode

One of our very first interviews, back when we were self-published.

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Living the Abundant Life

Emily joins us for an incredible conversation unveiling her own story and how the power of declaring God's word has transformed her family and her future. 

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